Containers, Kubernetes and DevOps for an Old as Dirt Developer (Or DevOps Nirvana with Kubernetes), Part 1/many

Table Of Content Part 1: Intro to Containers, Kubernetes and DevOps Part 2: Getting Started (coming soon) Part 3: … Part 4: … Part 5: … (there will be many more parts ) Intro to Containers, Kubernetes and DevOps The older I get, the less I want to learn new things. And even knowing  this … [Read more…]

Mysterious Error Message for Kubectl Apply and Set Task in VSTS

I was trying to set up a VSTS CI/CD pipeline for a .net core web api running in a docker container deployed onto a Kubernetes cluster hosted in Azure AKS. I set up my release tasks like this: Running the release gave me the following error on kubectl apply 2018-01-27T00:31:50.0571239Z ##[error]error: Error loading config file … [Read more…]

Creating Async Custom Automated Release Gates in VSTS with REST API

One of the most exciting features we announced this year at Connect(); was automated release gates for VSTS releases. We’ve always had the ability to add manual approvers before and after every deployment environment. And now, we have the ability to also add automated gates using continuous monitoring. Out of the box, there are 4 … [Read more…]

Build and Deploy to multiple IIS servers and SQL Server using VSTS

The League was asked by twitter to show how to build and deploy a web app to multiple on prem IIS Servers and the schema of the database for the web app to an on prem SQL Server. Totally a fair request. All of my demos recently have been using PaaS, Azure SQL and Containers. … [Read more…]

IIS Web App Deploy task fails with error code 2148734720

The League was recently contacted by @samsmithnz who wanted some more real world examples on setting up a CI/CD pipeline into IaaS, IIS and SQL.  Damian (@damovisa) asked me if I would be interested in recording a video about this when he swings through Redmond next week. Sure! Piece of cake! I have plenty of … [Read more…]

Setting up a DevOps demo using VSTS and Azure (Or DevOps Nirvana with VSTS and Azure), Part 6/6

I am constantly asked to talk about DevOps and what DevOps means for Microsoft.  Although there are many definitions of DevOps floating out in our industry, at Microsoft, DevOps is the merging of people, process and products such that we can continually deliver value to our end users.  And clearly, VSTS/TFS and Azure are the … [Read more…]

warning MSB3884: Could not find rule set file

I keep forgetting to fix my style cop warnings (mainly the using statements need to be in alphabetical order and trailing whitespace at the end of the line) and @DonovanBrown finally got sick of it and told me to turn our Code Analysis warnings into errors. Simple enough.  I flip the switch, fix all my … [Read more…]

Deploying DB’s in your CI/CD pipeline with EF Core Code First

Within the last week, 3 different people have asked me how to deploy their database schemas in their CI/CD pipeline using Entity Framework Core Code First.  I figured that’s a good sign to write a full blog post! When looking at DevOps best practices, my DB schema should be “checked in” to source control right … [Read more…]