Setting up a DevOps demo using VSTS and Azure (Or DevOps Nirvana with VSTS and Azure), Part 6/6

I am constantly asked to talk about DevOps and what DevOps means for Microsoft.  Although there are many definitions of DevOps floating out in our industry, at Microsoft, DevOps is the merging of people, process and products such that we can continually deliver value to our end users.  And clearly, VSTS/TFS and Azure are the … [Read more…]

warning MSB3884: Could not find rule set file

I keep forgetting to fix my style cop warnings (mainly the using statements need to be in alphabetical order and trailing whitespace at the end of the line) and @DonovanBrown finally got sick of it and told me to turn our Code Analysis warnings into errors. Simple enough.  I flip the switch, fix all my … [Read more…]

Deploying DB’s in your CI/CD pipeline with EF Core Code First

Within the last week, 3 different people have asked me how to deploy their database schemas in their CI/CD pipeline using Entity Framework Core Code First.  I figured that’s a good sign to write a full blog post! When looking at DevOps best practices, my DB schema should be “checked in” to source control right … [Read more…]

DevOps with EF Code-First (Or uh oh, don’t do what I just did)

When writing, we (#LoECDA) wanted to build the site using modern technologies implementing best DevOps practices. is written using core, running in a Docker container, connected to a SQL Server database, all hosted in Azure with a full DevOps pipeline implemented in VSTS.  Each developer check in can flow into our different … [Read more…]

The perils of being a lazy programmer (or, after all these years my dumb ass finally learned how to write a true Repository Pattern)

I don’t even know what a Repository Pattern is! I’ve been super lucky in that writing code has never been hard for me.  Learning languages, picking up concepts, all that algorithm nonsense… when it comes to code, things just come pretty easily to me.  However, that has made me a lazy programmer which comes back … [Read more…]

Adding migrations for EFCore with asp.netcore mvc

I needed to make some updates to  This is an core app, using EFCore running inside of a docker container hosted in Azure.  Cool!  All things I’ve been meaning to really dig my teeth into but just haven’t quite gotten around to it.  The first problem I ran into was trying to enable … [Read more…]

League Of Extraordinary Cloud DevOps Advocates

It’s official. As of July 3, I will become part of Donovan Brown’s #LeagueOfExtraordinaryCloudDevOpsAdvocates team (or #LOECDOA for short?  hmmm… need to work on that one). I’ll be joining Damian Brady, formerly of Octopus Deploy and Steve Murawski, formerly of Chef.  Let that sink in for a moment. Donovan Brown. Damian Brady. Steve Murawski. Talk … [Read more…]

Deploying Database Changes in Your Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Redgate ReadyRoll and Visual Studio Team Services

Managing database schema changes has always been challenging.  Keeping track of what scripts to run in what order and getting database states just right in all the different environments is painful and error prone.  However, there are some fantastic tools from Redgate which help us manage our database changes as well as creating a fully … [Read more…]