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Setup your CI/CD pipeline for Node.js, Python, .NET, Go, Ruby, or Java – in Minutes

DevOps for All (or to borrow from Oprah, You get some DevOps and YOU get some DevOps)

YAML Builds in VSTS

DevOps Into Azure for Node.js

Connect(); 2017, General Session 103: Azure DevOps simplified

Connect(); 2017 On Demand: Creating your CI/CD Pipeline with VSTS into Azure

Connect(); 2017 On Demand: Deploy quicker and safer with new greenlighting

Connect(); 2017 On Demand: Testing Capabilities in Visual Studio Team Services

Ignite 2017 General Session 12: Building Innovative Apps using the Microsoft Developer Platform

Ignite 2017: Confidence at speed: Visual Studio 2018 and your CI Pipeline

VSLive Redmond 2017: Mobile DevOps with the Microsoft Stack

Enabling CI/CD with VSTS

Enabling CI/CD with VSTS and Jenkins

Developer On Fire – Intensity

Extensions and Widgets for Visual Studio Team Services

MVA: Setting up your CI/CD Pipeline with VSTS

MVA: Git with VSTS

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