Release Management – Service Unavailable 503 error

I’m scheduled to do some demos on Release Management for TFS 2013 in a few weeks so I figured I probably should install it and come up with a good demo.  The install for the server portion and the configuration went without a hitch.  When I installed the client and came to the configuration portion, it would not connect to the Release Management server.  Hmmmm… I brought up my browser and tried browsing to http://TFSDemo:1000/ReleaseManagement and I got the Service Unavailable 503 error.  Looking at IIS, I noticed the app pool was off.  When I tried turning on the app pool, it would immediately turn off.  Ack!  After running around like a headless chicken, I finally figured out it was because I was trying to install Release Manager on an all in one server that also had Sharepoint on it (yup, Sharepoint.  Go figure!).  To make a long story short, Release Management is a 32 bit app, Sharepoint is forcing everyone to be a 64 bit app.  This is causing the app pool to crash.  So here’s the fix.  Bring up a command prompt as Administrator , cd to C:windowssystem32inetsrv and type:

appcmd.exe set config -section:system.webserver/globalModules /[name=’SPNativeRequestModule’].preCondition:integratedMode,bitness64
Restart the app pool for Release Management and voila.  Fixed.

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