1. Yuri


    Awesome post! I’ve been trying to get my database project to deploy from VSO to an on-prem server using a VSO Agent I installed on the target server. I keep hitting roadblocks. I’m going to try this next to see how it works.


    • abel

      Hi Yuri,

      When I first wrote this build/release task, there was no dacpac deployer in VSO. The product group at Microsoft has since created a dacpac deployer for build/release.


      • Yuri

        Hi Abel,

        Help! I’ve been pulling my hair out… I’ve tried to get through to Microsoft support since last Friday (round and round through endless call trees). I haven’t seen an article that clearly explains how to deploy a dacpac through VSO to an on-premise endpoint using a build agent. Am I missing something?

        • abel

          Hi Yuri,

          I’ve only used the built in dacpac deployer to deploy to an azure sql database not an on prem database so I’m not sure what the specific steps are. However, if you follow the steps in this article, my custom dacpac deployer will totally deploy to an on prem database. If this doesn’t work for you, ping me and I’ll see if I can help.


      • Doug

        I don’t have a Dacpac Deploy task in Release Management or Build on VSTS (formerly VSO).

        To what are you referring when you say they’ve introduced it?

  2. I tried this and receive the following error.

    ##[error]Cannot find path ‘{path to task}’ because it does not exist.

    Is the task supposed to be downloaded automatically by the deploying agent?

  3. Chris Menegay

    Hey Abe – I could not figure out a way to copy the ps code out of that little box you have on here. I tried 3 diff browsers. Perhaps its a security thing, or perhaps something you can fix on your end. BTW, this was useful, thanks! 🙂

  4. jlo

    This is exactly what I am looking for, however it looks like the code posted as images. can you post a zip of this or at least list the code as copyable text.

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