1. Thanks for your kind words Abel. Kudos to you for setting a new world record for the most screenshots in a blog post. :). I know how long it can take!

    Yes – one of the nice things about PaaS is that the server config is taken care of and no need for DSC. I do wonder how many brownfield organisations are actually in this lucky position though – certainly not where I work.

    All the best!

    Cheers – Graham

    • Hi Randy

      Great to meet you too. Love your site and very much looking forward to your DevOps blogs! I’m currently researching deploying my sample web app and database with the web-based Release Management and DSC. I’m having a blast! Well mostly – few hiccups but nothing serious. I’ll be posting about this in the next week or so if all goes to plan.

      Cheers – Graham

  2. Erica Love

    OMG this is awesome! Thank you for taking the time to put this together. I have been looking for a good step by step turorial. I watched Donovan do his pipelines but when i tried doing my own…I had a lot of problems. This clears up a lot of my issues.

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