1. Hi Abel,
    first thanks a lot for this serie, it’s always really helpful to have a full overview in one article.

    As state in Twitter, actually if you just install k8s with Docker Edge, then in WSL you can simply link the .kube:
    ln -s /mnt/c/Users/<Windows user/.kube ~/.kube

    the default config is:
    apiVersion: v1
    – cluster:
    insecure-skip-tls-verify: true
    server: https://localhost:6445
    name: docker-for-desktop-cluster
    – context:
    cluster: docker-for-desktop-cluster
    user: docker-for-desktop
    name: docker-for-desktop
    current-context: docker-for-desktop
    kind: Config
    preferences: {}
    – name: docker-for-desktop

    Another addition, I wrote once a blog post for “securing” the Docker client from WSL to use TLS.
    But here is a better and more concise take on it too:

    But this is just “tweaks”, you really did the hard lifting here and I do thank you very much for it 🙂

    Looking forward for the next ones 🙂

    WSL Corsair (@nunixtech)

    • abel

      This is awesome! Love it!!! Keep the tips coming. I am so new to Linux and containers. Weird to be a fish out of water again after all these years slinging code 🙂

      • haha … that’s a real strength to admit we do not know right (at least that’s why I tell myself as there’s so much I don’t know 🙂

        Concerning step 6 here is “the Interop way”:
        ln -s “wslpath -u $(cmd.exe /c echo\|set /p=%USERPROFILE%)/.kube” ~/.kube

        shared knowledge can really be cool, it becomes a reusable command for any links. Thanks a lot for the cmd part (will be reading the final part now)

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