• abel

      This extension is 100% owned by Dynatrace. I just created a quick proof of concept for Dynatrace. They took my PoC and turned it into a production ready extension and published it. I don’t know why they unpublished the extension as I am not involved in this project anymore.

  1. Rob Jahn

    Hi this is Rob from Dynatrace Innovation Lab

    As Abel mentioned, this VSTS extension was something he and our team collaborated on last summer. It is important to note these extensions are not core Dynatrace product, rather example open source code to show ways to leverage a tool like Dynatrace into CI/CD pipelines.

    We have continued this effort with some updated examples and you can read about them on the blogs listed below. Both Azure and Dynatrace have rich APIs that make integration easy. We love to hear your use cases and have folks try out and contribute to the open source code.




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