The URList has DevOps!!! But… We Can Make It Even BETTER!!!!!

Recently, Burke Holland (@burkeholland) and Cecil Phillip (@cecilphillip) released their awesome app The Urlist, a real world serverless app (check it out, it’s cool). After reading Burke’s blog post talking about The Urlist, I came away with 3 conclusions. Very cool app and very cool use of serverless technology Burke’s blogging style is freaking awesome!!! … [Read more…]

Azure Pipeline Announcements at Build 2019

Build was ridiculously exciting and fun (although EXHAUSTING for me as I wasn’t really supposed to be there. Was supposed to stay home and “rest”. Doesn’t that sound horrible? Resting???? While BUILD is going on????). We announced all sorts of new and cool stuff around Azure DevOps. Here’s a list of all Azure DevOps related … [Read more…]