Azure Pipeline Announcements at Build 2019

Build was ridiculously exciting and fun (although EXHAUSTING for me as I wasn’t really supposed to be there. Was supposed to stay home and “rest”. Doesn’t that sound horrible? Resting???? While BUILD is going on????). We announced all sorts of new and cool stuff around Azure DevOps. Here’s a list of all Azure DevOps related resources. BTW, I copied and pasted this from one of our internal resources. I love that they included me in the Azure Pipelines and DevOps Conversations video where I totally crashed Damian’s interview just because I happen to be there Smile


Keynote: Microsoft Azure: Empowering Every Developer (24:20) (Scott Guthrie / Donovan Brown)

Ship it to every platform with Azure Pipelines (Edward Thomson)

Microsoft Azure with Scott Guthrie Q&A (4:45, 9:22) (Scott Guthrie)

Azure Pipelines and DevOps conversation (Edward Thomson, Damian Brady, Abel Wang)

YAML Release Pipelines in Azure DevOps (Sasha Rosenbaum)

Moving Fastify to Azure Pipelines (Damian Brady / Matteo Colina of Fastify)

Columbia Sportswear’s CI practices, processes, and automation (starts at 14:40) (Scott Nasello –  Columbia)

End to End Azure DevOps (starts at 11:21) (Damian Brady)

Productive front-end development with JS, VSCode, and Azure (starts at 35:15) (John Papa / Matt Hernandez)

Using AI and automation to build resiliency into Azure DevOps (starts at 12:54) (Rob Jahn – Dynatrace)

(Re-)Introducing Azure Artifacts (Alex Mullans)

From Zero to DevOps Superhero: The Container Edition (Jessica Deen)

End to end application development and DevOps on Azure Kubernetes Service (Sean McKenna, John Stallo, Atul Malaviya)

DevOps for applications running on Windows (Ricardo Minguez Pablos, Oren Novotny)

.NET Application Modernization with Pivotal and Azure DevOps (Ning Kuang, Shawn Neal)

Microsoft’s journey to becoming an open source enterprise with GitHub (Jared Parsons, Matthew McCullough)

Breaking the Wall between Data Scientists and App Developers with MLOps (David Aronchick, Jordan Edwards)


What’s new with Azure Pipelines (Gopinath Chigakkagari)

Announcing Kubernetes integration for Azure Pipelines (Gopinath Chigakkagari)

88 years of free open source builds in 8 months with Azure Pipelines (Martin Woodward)



Create your first pipeline



YAML schema


Pipelines multi-stage

Multi-stage app service

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