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I started my software career at Compaq Computers in the 90’s.  By 2006, I worked in a variety of companies and also founded and sold my own software company.  After selling my company, this allowed me the flexibility to really explore, experiment and do what I really wanted to do. I was extremely curious with why most software projects failed.  And by fail, I mean, they ran over budget, over time, riddled with bugs, not quite what the client wanted (even though all specs were followed) etc.  The easy answer was to say it’s the Developers fault.  Except often times, the same core group of devs would be involved and some projects would fail and some would succeed.  My conclusion was that process played an important part in the success of a project.  This started my journey in ALM and software development processes. For the next seven years, I worked at Notion Solutions as a Process Consultant where I helped customers implement ALM using Microsoft tools, namely Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server.  After Notion, it was a logical step to join Microsoft as a Sr. Consultant for Premier Developers specializing in ALM and App Dev.  Once I joined, a whole new world opened up to me where the sky really was the limit on what I could do.  I’ve been an Sr ALM process consultant, a TSP selling Dev tools, moved to the marketing group where I was the Sr. TPMM for .NET, Mobile and DevOps and now, a Sr. Cloud Developer Advocate, specializing in DevOps working for the League Of Extraordinary Cloud Developer Advocates!

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There are three things that make me tick.  My family, writing code and music.  I was born into a computer science family.  My mom was a Computer Science professor at Purdue University and ever since I can remember, I’ve been making the computer do things with code.  My running joke is if I won the lottery, I would still be writing code.  Probably not for a specific company, but I would be writing code just because that is what I love to do.  My other passion is music.  I am a classically trained violinist and an avid guitarist.  Music makes my soul happy.  And finally, nothing is more important than my family.  My wife and two children really define who and what I am and why I do everything that I do.


  1. Thanks for sharing your DevOps Nirvana series. I just finished 2/5 and am really looking forward to seeing the rest. I was looking for some good source material on DevOps to share with my clients, so your walkthrough is perfect.

    BTW, I was also intrigued by your URL. I’m not quite sure what “Abel Squid Head” means (excepting, of course, the Abel part) but I thought I’d share a squid-focused post from my own blog: https://squideyes.com/2013/02/26/squids-dont-have-lids/

    Again, thank you! Keep up the good work….

    • abel

      Part 3 and 4 should be coming saturday. SquidHead… long story… I was young… alcohol may or may not have been involved… and now the name kind of stuck 🙂 Love your squid related article!

  2. Howdy (from Texas!)
    Didn’t know you have a blog and that your mom was a CS professor!!! That totally blew my mind (the latter part :-).
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Andi LaRue

    I have a client who is interested in the possibility of your speaking at their event. Can you please email or call me and let me know if you are potentially available Nov 5 in Orlando (for Sitecore Symposium)


  4. Lewis Sternberg

    Watching you @Nike right now.
    I’m a H/W guy@Intel
    So far the thing you mentioned that I’m most interested in is culture (the first pillar).
    Where can I get that info?


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