Playing With TFS 2015 RC and Release Management with DSC

I have a standard demo that I created to demo the capabilities of Release Management using TFS 2013 update 4 and Release Management (using the workflow deployment).  It’s a solution which contains a web app and a database project.  TFS builds the solution (both web and database) and then RM picks up the bits from … [Read more…]

Can I test private methods with MSTest?

As a good little developer, I try to write unit tests for every line of code that I write.  But what about private methods?  Can I write unit tests against private methods?  If you are using MSTest, absolutely you can. Just use the PrivateObject class.  For instance, If you have this class:

You can … [Read more…]

Walkthrough: Using VSO and Release Management to build from a Git repository and deploy to an Azure Service

I was recently at a client where they had an azure cloud service project in a Git repository in Visual Studio Online (VSO). They asked me if they could use Team Build (TFS build) to build the solution and then have the build kick off a Release Management release template which would deploy the Azure … [Read more…]

TFS 2013 Work item, Limit Assigned To field based on the area you chose.

I’m a big proponent for having one giant team project for an entire enterprise.  Then using Teams and Areas to subdivide the enterprise into manageable chunks.  There are massive amounts of benefits (check out this post:  However, a customer of mine made a good point the other day.  He said that by having one … [Read more…]

TFS 2013 Release Management Error user does not have access to the release management server

I got an interesting error the other day at a client’s site.  They installed Release Management Update 2013 update 2 RC.  When they tried to open the release management client, they got the error: User xxxxxxxx does not have access to the release management server.  Please contact your administrator. What was weird was the user … [Read more…]

Test Case steps shows Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation

I installed TFS 2013 update 2 and visual studio 2013 update 2 RC and when I tried to create a Test Case work item in visual studio, I saw something funny.  In the steps section, it showed “Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation”.  I fired up MTM (Microsoft Test Manager) and … [Read more…]

TFS 2013 Release Management not swapping token file with my config file

In TFS 2013 Release Management, you are supposed to be able to create tokenized versions of your config files.  Everything that I have read indicates that if you want to tokenize your web.config file, you would create an exact copy of the file and you would name it web.config.token and you would place this file … [Read more…]